Remembering Extortion 17

Remembering Extortion 17

I had planned to introduce the Honor Litter, puppy-by-puppy, next week, but today is a special day.  Two years ago today, a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was shot down over Afghanistan killing all 30 aircrew and Special Operations personnel aboard, as well as 8 Afghanis.  One of those killed was a US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician, Chief Petty Officer Nick Null, from Washington, WV.  He left behind his wife and three children on that day.  This little guy, one of the three yellow lab puppies of the Honor Litter, is named “Nick” in honor of Chief Nick Null, and today we remember Nick’s sacrifice, and that of those killed that day – we will never forget.

Also killed in that attack was a military working dog, a Belgian Malinois named Bart.  A reminder that these amazing animals are always by the side of their Warriors whether in combat, or after they come home from combat.






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  1. Mary Phillips

    Thank you so much for reminding us of these amazing heros and the ultimate sacrifice they made for all of us. Our beautiful Nick will make his family so proud, as will all of the WCC honor pups!

  2. Terrie Bates

    Thanks for grounding our focus on our veterans who have given their all for our country. Look forward to watching Nick’s progress as he trains to serve our veteran’s in Nick Null’s honor.

    • Nick Null and the other namesakes of the Honor Littler ( as well as the countless other veterans) gave too much to not be honored and remembered. Our life would be very different if we didn’t have heroes like these brave men and women.

  3. Cindy Howard

    Thanks so much for honoring Nick. You picked The perfect day to introduce our little WCC namesake.


  4. Deb Albright

    Love the photo Bonnie. Cautious curiosity. I remember when this happened. I can’t say why as I didn’t know any of these warriors but I grieved for them, their family’s & for all of us. Thank you for this tribute.

  5. What a sweet picture of Nick. Looking forward to your photos of this wonderful litter and watching them through this amazing journey. I am so jealous of you, this is truly a labor of love and would love to be in your shoes.

    • Thank you, Janett! It makes me so happy to know that you will be following along on this journey with me. …oh, and about my shoes … well they were being played with by the big dogs, while my toes were being assaulted by the little dogs! haha! And little Nick, he was using those sharp little front puppy teeth to try to chew my back like it was a row of corn! haha! I’m so blessed and so in love with these puppies. Janett, I will do a few blog posts of some of the outtakes so you are able to enjoy the fun with me.

  6. Julie H

    Really great picture of Nick, but also so good to hear the backstory of the service man he was named for. Go do great things, Nick!!!! We’ll all be rooting for you.

  7. Truely a beautiful picture and gentle reminder to the rest of us. A salute to Nick and to Bart. Losing someone is sooo hard -that is a huge sacrifice for those families that lost their love one. That i am sorry.

    God Bless America- He has shed his grace on us.

  8. Joyce Minosh

    Wow, what a GREAT photo!

    • haha! I’m glad you like it, Joyce! I nearly spewed my drink all over my computer screen; I took a sip as I was culling through the photos and this one came up! It just makes me crack up every time I see it!

  9. Ruby Tucker Smith

    I love little Nick’s soulful expression and your wonderful tribute. I know your mission to follow The Honor Litter will be a wonderful documentary.

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